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Welcome to TRENDiPEOPLE.

Have you ever heard of the Chinese Bamboo story? A man planted a Bamboo tree in his front garden but nothing grew out of the ground. For 4 years he kept watering, naturing it but nothing came out of it. People ridiculed him, some felt sorry for him, however in the 5th year the Chinese Bamboo tree finally shoots out of the ground and grows 80 feet tall (that’s nearly 30 metres) in just six weeks. That is the story of TRENDiPEOPLE.

Like any plant, to flourish the Chinese Bamboo Tree requires nurturing – water, fertile soil, sunshine. In the first year, there are no visible signs of activity or development. In the second year, again, no growth above the soil. And the third and fourth, still no signs. Patience is tested and the world begins to wonder whether the farmer’s efforts will ever be rewarded.

Finally in the fifth year – voila! There is growth…and what growth it is! The Chinese Bamboo Tree grows 80 feet (nearly 30m) in just six weeks!

The parable of the Chinese Bamboo Tree teaches us lessons about patience, faith, perseverance, growth and development and importantly… human potential!

The story of TRENDiPEOPLE is like that of the Chinese Bamboo tree. This is a story of failure, rejection, frustration, depression but ultimately this is a story of lots and lots of patience, faith, perseverance, resilience, growth, development and more importantly hope and human potential.

So how did it all start? The Founder

The idea for TRENDiPEOPLE in its current format was originally conceived by Simon Tefula Joseph an image consultant in 2015 while facing two key frustrations.

Firstly, Simon loves wearing very bright coloured trousers that can be very difficult to find in most mainstream high street stores. Secondly, he lost a bit of weight and found himself with a wardrobe full of clothes that could hardly fit him. While discussing these challenges at a friend’s house, his friend’s mum – a retired seamstress – offered to make him some custom-made bright yellow trousers. She also went on to help him alter some of his most loved clothes. These key events led to that light bulb moment. From then onwards, he’s been on a quest to create a niche community of fashion experts that offer personalised fashion products and services to clients on demand.

Simon is also a mental well-being advocate and an author, both of which have come about as a result of some of the challenges he’s faced on his journey of working on TRENDiPEOPLE. You can find out more about him here –